Usability Study For Smartmeal app

UX Research Study — Plan


Title: usability of a food ordering app.

Author: Kareem Olawale UX researcher,

Stakeholders: Smartmeal, Food ordering company and group of investors.

Date: 10/6/2021

Project background

We are building a new app to help people quickly order healthy food and book reservations. We need to find out if the main user experience of ordering food and making reservations is easy for users to complete.

We’d like to understand what specific challenges our users might face in the ordering, payment, and connection process, and how we can help them fix those challenges.

Research goals

Figure out if users can complete the core tasks within the app.

Determine the ease of use of the food ordering and reservation app when users try to complete core tasks such as searching, selection, ordering and in-app navigation.

Reduce the time it takes a user to find a restaurant and order food on the app?

Reduce the time it takes a user to find a restaurant and make a reservation on the app?

Research questions

Are there any parts where users are getting stuck?

How long does it take a user to find a restaurant and make a reservation on the app?

What effect does the rating of food have on the quantity of that food ordered? Is there a correlation?

Do users find the recommended associated go together foods helpful or annoying?

What can we learn from the steps a user takes to order a meal?

What can we learn from the steps a user takes to make a reservation?

What additional features does the user request?

What existing product features does the user not need or has very limited and low usage with little effect on usability and non on accessibility?

What features or UI components clutter, reduce visibility or does not help in the searching or selection process in ordering or making a reservation?

What additional information do user require or what finding do they make to finalize their order?

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The checkout process for the food ordering app was analyzed using the KPIs time on task and conversion rate. Time on task measured the time it took users to find and order a meal or make a reservation at a restaurant a dog walker, while the conversion rate measured the percentage of users who successfully ordered a meal or made a reservation.

The complexity and ease of use of the user interface was analyzed using a system usability scale

User error rate: How often does the user get stuck in ordering or making a reservation and do they recognize icons?

Looking at the 3 KPI’s showed a clear picture of user experience when navigating the app between the food ordering service and reservation, comparing the results on the SUS study with the time on task and conversion rate gave insights and actionable feedback into the frustrations or positive experiences regarding the navigations user experience

Among the research goals is to determine the ease of use of the navigation app in ordering food or making reservations, of which it is pertinent that the navigation system is clear and easy to use and also

To determine how easy it is to order or make a reservation, comparing 2 KPIs that measure different parts of the checkout process generates new insights among them is how effective the checkout process is.


Unmoderated usability study, Use a spreadsheet to analyze data and identify trends.

Location: Nigeria, remote (each participant will complete the study in their own home)

Date: Sessions will take place on June 15 (normal business hours) and June 16 (after hours)

Length: Each session will last 45 to 60 minutes, based on a list of prompts, One session involves ordering food the other making a reservation at a restaurant with a SUS following after.

6 participants will order food through the app. Each participant will then complete the questionnaire based on their experience.

We also interview the 6 candidates individually


Participants who are able to place food orders at least once a week.

Whether it is a business take or social task. This could be for office meetings, friend groups or family.

Two males, two females, and one nonbinary individual, between the ages of 20 and 60. One participant is a person with a visual impairment.

1 participant with auditory impairment.

1 participant who is not fluent in English.

**Two users of assistive technologies (keyboard, screen reader).


A list of prompts appears on the device screen

Prompt 1: From the home page(splash screen), create an account for yourself.

Prompt 1 follow-up: How easy or difficult was this task to complete? Is there anything you would change?

Prompt 2: Pick a date and time to schedule a reservation at a restaurant.

Prompt 2 follow-up: How easy or difficult was this task to complete? Is there anything you would change about the process of ordering food from a restaurant?

Prompt 3: Select a meal.

Prompt 4: Confirm booking of a meal order and complete the checkout process.

Prompt 4 follow-up: How easy or difficult was this task to complete? Is there anything you would change?

Prompt 5: How did you feel about this food ordering app overall? What did you like and dislike about it?

After the unmoderated usability study

Participants will complete the System Usability Scale

Participants will score the following ten statements by selecting one of five responses that range from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree.”

○ I think that I would use this app frequently.

○ I find the app unnecessarily complex.

○ I think the app is easy to use.

○ I need the support of a technical person to be able to use this app.

○ I find the app easy to navigate.

○ There is inconsistency within the app.

○ I imagine that most people would learn to use this app quickly.

○ I feel confident using the app.

○ I need to learn a lot of things before I can start using this app.

○ I found the payment process frustrating

○ I found the ordering process cumbersome

○ The user flow to create an account is clear


● Recruitment starts: March 1

● Study dates: June 28 -29

● Results available: April

You may use this format freely.

UX Deisgner and FrontEnd Developer

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